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to Do Better
People who make decisions to Do Better are often overachievers, continually seeking success academically, and socially. This could be motivated by an internal drive to achieve, or it could be attributed to external factors such as pressure from teachers, parents, coaches, or friends. An important thing to remember for those who make choices to Do Better is to avoid supplementing their drive towards success with illegal or unprescribed medication such as stimulants or steroids.
Tips to Do Better
When you think, “If I could take something to help me focus, I’d ace my test.”
Find a new place to study and get away from things that often distract you. A place with natural light and few people can be beneficial to the learning environment. The reality is, people aren’t very good at multitasking—doing things like listening to people talk at the same time you’re trying to read is often unproductive.
When you think, “I still have some of those pills left over from when I got hurt. They really helped me loosen up and play better.”
Create a pre-game ritual like listening to a certain playlist to get your head in the game. The reality is, routines can help your mind focus and signal you to start thinking a specific way. This way of thinking is much more beneficial long-term.