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to Experiment
People who make decisions to Experiment often seek adventures or may even adhere to the motto, “you only live once.” This can be a thrilling and daring way to live, but it’s important for people who make choices with this mindset to remember that the use of illegal or unprescribed medications can make the life you are trying to live the fullest much shorter.
Tips to Experiment
When you think, “I’m only young once, I better try this now before it’s too late.”
Make a list of other things you would like to try like rock-climbing, deep-sea diving, or even visiting every country once. Reality is, the adventure that illegal or unprescribed medication seems to offer is nothing compared to all of the other opportunities that life has to offer.
When you think, “If I only try it once it won’t affect me long-term.”
Find the experiences in life that bring you excitement instead of seeking a thrill through substances to put into your body. Reality is, people’s brains react to new experiences in the same way as what is artificially induced with drugs. The difference is, new experiences offer many more memories and character-developing opportunities.