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to Feel Better
People who make decisions to Feel Better are often able to feel things more deeply than others, whether those feelings are good or bad. This can cause people to be more anxious, stressed, or depressed than others. It is important for people who make choices in order to Feel Better to avoid coping with these overwhelming feelings or even physical pain by using illegal medications or anything not prescribed to them personally.
Tips to Feel Better
When you think, “If I could just take something to take my mind off of this for a little while…”
Start learning a new skill like drawing. Many activities like drawing require problem solving and the majority of a person’s focus. The reality is, if you’re focusing on an activity and doing it well, you could gain a sense of accomplishment by seeing your progress.
When you think, “I’ve heard that (insert substance) can help clear my mind, maybe it will help me think through everything.”
Pick up a task that is enjoyable but requires little thought, like going for a walk or cleaning. The reality is, tasks that are routine and require little effort can provide you with an opportunity to think but also bring you a comfort through movement.