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to Feel Good
People who make decisions to Feel Good are often seeking activities like hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing sports and other fun things that release chemicals in the brain to indicate reward and pleasure. It’s important for people who make decisions to Feel Good to remember that, while there are many ways to hijack this system through illegal and unprescribed medications, those medications can permanently damage your natural ability to produce those chemicals.
Tips to Feel Better
When you think, “I’m bored of all of the things I used to enjoy, maybe taking this will feel good.”
Learn a new game, build something, or start a project. Reality is, there will always be something that you can learn or make. You can share these things with your friends or even keep them for yourself!
When you think, “I’ve heard taking this is an easy way to have fun, so I might as well try it.”
Try the other activities you enjoy and really pay attention to exactly what you enjoy about those things. The reality is, illegal and unprescribed drugs can permanently affect the way that you experience those things.