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to Fit In
People who make decisions to Fit In are often people-pleasers who seek approval from their peers. This is not necessarily a bad thing! These people tend to enjoy being social and may be influenced by the attitudes of people around them. An important thing to remember for people who make choices to Fit In is that the use of illegal or unprescribed medications will most likely take you away from the relationships you are trying to keep.
Tips to Fit In
When you think, “I don’t want to seem weird around my friends, joining them just once wouldn’t hurt.”
Make a list of dreams that you have for your future like other relationships, jobs, hobbies, and abilities. The reality is, physically writing down the things you look forward to can make them easier to recall and, if you do it now, you’ll already have them in mind for when you need them.
When you think, “These people look like they’re having a good time after taking this, I’m sure that I will, too.”
Find another group of people. Sometimes that thought can be scary but, reality is, there are going to be other people around you who aren’t psyched to try illegal or unprescribed medications. Those are the kinds of people you want to hang around because you know that they will have safe, clear-headed fun that you’ll be able to remember for a long time.